Hi, I'm Zsolt!

Here is an introduction about me.

I work as a user interface engineer. I have been making websites since 2005, started learning application development in 2018 and currently work for Oracle in a Project Lead position where I work on applications for internal use.

I have been a volunteer organizer of JSConf Budapest since 2018 where I take part in selecting the lineup, preparing for the event and running the event with the rest of the team, making sure everything goes smoothly.

My long-term goal is to transition into a Product Owner role. I have been self-studying Agile, Scrum, user experience, and product management since 2018 and became a certified Professional Scrum Product Owner in May 2021.

I also do numerous other things. As part of my work, one of the things I enjoy most is teaching, both one-on-one and presenting to a crowd. In 2021, I had the opportunity to deliver two lectures at a local university as part of an open course. I talked about Agile development practices and digital accessibility.

In my free time, I play the drums. To combine some of my passions, I record myself playing beats I come up with, explain them, and share these videos on YouTube. I also teach private lessons to beginners.

Sometimes I share my thoughts about general things as well as web development on Medium.